St. John Vianney’s Church is open. 

Mass on Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday

at 11.30 each morning.

Please do your best to attend a weekday mass instead of Sunday, to avoid overcrowding and to keep social distancing rules in order to protect each other.

Thank you.


Manchester and Oldham are areas where the virus is once again increasing. Some churches have opened for mass and then had to close again because of the coronavirus. It is important to remember during this worrying time that there is no obligation to attend a Sunday Mass.



You are advised to wear a mask.

Special attention has been given to social distancing, your health and welfare.

Officially inspected and approved 

Ready for weekday Mass.

Parish centre notice

Due to the Coronavirus the parish centre on Kenyon Lane is now closed. It will need to be officially inspected and approved before access is granted. Under present uncertain conditions it will be remain closed until the end of the year to individuals and groups.

Donations to the parish

Please do not now use the diocesan link as it can take up to three months for the parish to be credited and a fee is charged to the parish.

Instead please ask us for the parish account details which are very simple and quickly allow you to make a donation by phone app, internet or in the bank. the donations are credited to the parish within hours with no fee charged. Parish envelopes are also available simply ask.

Thank you for your continual support in these strange times.


Three Minute retreat

Pope Francis Videos

Church Services TV


Work is still underway on St. Dunstan’s

it should be finished in September 

The sacristy area in St Dunstan’s under the failed roof hopefully soon to be repaired. Health and safety in a listed building and presbytery springs to mind.


Help !!! volunteer cleaners and stewards are needed for both our churches before we can open.

please telephone or email if you are prepared to help. Thank you.


St John Vianney’s Church


For those who have paid for the visit to the theatre the money has now been returned to the parish please ask to be reimbursed if you have not already done so. Thank you.


Work underway

the church  kitchen 

The meeting room 




Bishop John Arnold
Homily extract from Sunday 28th June 2020
The full homily is on the Salford diocesan website

In this diocese very few churches will open for Mass next Sunday. That is because there are numerous rules and regulations and conditions that need to be in place to do with social distancing, cleansing, the stewarding of people and indeed the Church must be deep cleaned after every service. That is going to rely on any number of volunteers and not all churches will be able to meet those conditions by next weekend. And let us be clear about this too, even those few churches, and others will follow on as quickly as possible, even those few churches will have a much reduced capacity.”

3 further recommendations:

When more churches begin to open for the public celebration of Mass, maybe we might think about attending a weekday Mass to help ease Sunday capacity

That any elderly person, anyone with any frailty or underlying medical condition, shouldn’t consider trying to attend Mass at this time

That if your own parish church is not opening for the public celebration of Mass you wait until it does so without looking for other churches which will have their own restricted capacity for their parishioners.

Even some of the biggest churches in the diocese will only be able to have 60 or 70 people present for Mass. That is far less than the numbers they would normally expect

But I would ask this, please do not place any pressure upon your priest to open a Church more quickly than he feels comfortable in doing so. There may be lots of reasons of which we are not aware why a particular Church is slower in opening for private prayer and for the public celebration of Mass than we may know.

God bless you for all that we are, let us continue to build up that sense of personal spirituality, lets renew it and strengthen it in our prayers. In knowing that wherever I am, I am Church, that the spirit is in me and I am called to be an ambassador for Christ and a missionary disciple.
Stay with us Lord on this rather difficult Journey.

  • John
    Bishop of Salford.



During this time we pray for Pope Francis and the Church: that together we may proclaim by word and deed God’s saving love for all creation.

We remind ourselves that the Church is not and was never meant to be a collection of physical buildings but we the people of God, together are the Church.

We pray for those suffering from depression, anxiety and fear around the world at this terrible time and especially for those suffering discrimination and persecution in the USA.

We pray for our communities may they grow into communities of love, transforming society and transforming lives, reflecting Gods loving care for all people, during the virus and afterwards in our new reality, as God’s children in God’s world.



 Look after each other in the parish by prayer and action as you always have done. May God Bless and protect us all.

Martin Saunders.

Parish Priest