St Dunstan and John Vianney Moston.


MAY 2021

Please remember in your prayers parishioners whose Funerals are taking place in our parish in the month of May.

Sheila Cox RIP 13th May at St. Dunstan’s

Marie Pandolfo RIP 25th May at St. Dunstan’s

David Williamson RIP

May they rest in peace.

Attendance Under  Covid restrictions is usually by invitation only.  Please ask if you wish to be invited.

UPDATE – Both our churches are open for mass but because of the infection rate Please be extra careful. There is no obligation to attend.
Thank you.

Masses for May and June are as follows unless more restrictions are imposed.

Some Mass times may be revised early in June so please keep an eye on this page and on our facebook page for updates.

Friday 10am St. Dunstan’s 11.30am St John Vianney’s

Saturdays 10am St. Dunstan’s 11.30am St John Vianney’s

Sundays 10am St. Dunstan’s 11.30am St John Vianney’s

Mondays 10am St. Dunstan’s 11.30am St John Vianney’s

There is no obligation to attend a Sunday Mass.

Masses are subject to regulations and also to having enough volunteers to help at each Mass.

Please do your best to attend a weekday Mass instead of Sunday.

Wear a mask unless exempt.

Please Only sit during mass. Do not kneel or stand.

And please follow any instructions given.

If you are receiving Holy Communion, receive on the outstretched hand and please leave the church immediately after receiving and do not congregate outside.

The less we move about in church the safer we are.

Please adhere to these instructions, thank you.

– – – – – – – –

Please pray for Pope Francis our spiritual leader inspired by the Holy Spirit, as he faithfully leads the church. He invites us all in this difficult time to “welcome the gift of hope  that comes from Christ”. Pray for him as he prays for us.

Parish centre. Following the latest instructions from the government all our shows and functions have been cancelled until later in 2021 The hall will remain closed to individuals and groups to adhere to the national restrictions.

Both churches

Two or three volunteers are still needed each day to quickly sanitise for ten minutes after each Mass and others to act as stewards. Can you spare one day a week to help?

The stewards simply welcome people, show them where to sanitise their hands and help them to find seats and supervise Communion. It is then important that parishioners leave the church immediately after Mass to allow the cleaning to take place.

During the Virus.

The church is simply open for Mass. There are no other services except funerals.

We live in a changing situation. As the situation changes then obviously our response as a parish will change. Our first duty is to safeguard and protect those using the churches as we gather together for Mass.

Caring as a parish.

The basic Christian command is that we love God by loving our neighbour.

Donations to St Dunstan and John Vianney Parish

Thank you to everyone especially for your donations and cheques for the past year.

making a bank payment

If you would like to donate through your bank or by phone app, occasionally or on a regular basis. we have a Salford diocese business account please ask for details.

Several people already use this quick and efficient method to support our parish.

Envelopes If you use envelopes let us know your name and envelope number (if you already have one) and we will have them ready for you. Alternatively pick up a box as you come to church. At the moment cheques or notes, not coins can be easily banked.

 The original 1980’s St Matthew’s School staff at their 40th reunion


The Serenity Prayer Reinhold Niebuhr

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time,

enjoying one moment at a time;

accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.


St John Vianney’s


 St Dunstan’s Church


Martin Saunders. Parish Priest