Including St. John Vianney’s and St. Margaret Mary’s Churches.

A community of communities
Let us refuse to be robbed of hope, or to allow our hope to be dimmed by facile answers and solutions which block our progress, “fragmenting” time and changing it into space. Time is always much greater than space. Space hardens processes, whereas time propels towards the future and encourages us to go forward in hope.
  • thank you to the several representatives who attended the special event at the cathedral  by minibus to be with the bishop on the feast of St Francis. Remember  St Francis was told by the Lord to “ build my church” and hopefully in the near future we can restart the various groups which had to be suspended for the common good, until a clearer way forward was embraced for our church in north Manchester. The church is the people of God, the pilgrim people, you and me together, not bricks and mortar but flesh and blood and spirit. If the work is of God it cannot fail.
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Parish Priest  : Martin Saunders

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Our Prayer Intention

For our Parishes

That our parishes, animated by a missionary spirit,

may be places where faith is communicated

and charity is seen.


St.Matthew’s Staff celebrating the school’s 40th Birthday

matthews staff

The retired Headteacher of 1977 John Goggins and his staff at their reunion.


Their celebration Mass held at St. John Vianney Church.

The welcome given by the current headteacher Kevin Hogan


The World’s biggest Coffee Morning

Thank you we raised (and still counting)

over £1,800 for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning which took place this year on Friday 29th September in St. Dunstan’s Parish Hall, Kenyon Lane.  As we did last year, all three parishes worked together to make the day a great success.

It’s a cause well worth supporting.


Week starting Monday 9th October 2017

Mon Mass

Tues Mass

Wed Mass

Thurs Mass

Fri   Mass

Sat   Mass

Sat   (for Sunday)


St Dunstan’s 9.30am,    

St.Margaret Mary 10.30am

St John Vianney’s 11.30am


Pastoral Letter of the

Right Reverend John Arnold

Bishop of Salford 

To be read in all Churches on the weekend of 30th September/1st October 2017,

the Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time.


My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


Wednesday 4th October is the Feast of Saint Francis. Saint Francis, you may recall, heard the Lord say to him “Francis, rebuild my Church.” On his feast day, in the Cathedral, we will be launching a programme for the whole Diocese called “Hope in the Future” which is about growing together as missionary disciples of Jesus, gathered in missionary parishes.


“Hope in the Future” is an opportunity for parishes and faith organisations to celebrate all that we already are and do and then, over a period of time, to identify and develop ways in which we may grow in our missionary purpose. Pope Francis urges us to be aware of the poverty, isolation, marginalisation and needs of people around us and to bring the practical care of the Gospel to them. In order to do that effectively we must always be strengthening our own communities with a worthy celebration of the Sacraments, a life of prayer, an effective and engaging catechesis of the faith for the young and those who may feel drawn to our Church. We must be sure to look after our own community but then be ready to bring our good works to others in need, our brothers and sisters around us. The tragedy of the Manchester bomb has highlighted a need to strengthen the sense of community in our towns and build bridges. We need to respond with positive actions.


“Hope in the Future” is not a ‘one size fits all’ rigid programme. We have a great variety of parishes in urban, suburban and rural contexts, all with different strengths and needs. No two parishes are the same. This project is an invitation to every parish to celebrate all that is already good in its life, to recognise new possibilities and needs and to share best practice with other parish communities.  It is an invitation to be positive, bold and imaginative.

Following the launch on 4th October we begin the journey together in Advent.  I realise that, with all the changes going on around us, parishes will engage with this process at different speeds. But I do hope every parish will want to take part.


The first of the five stages is a celebration of all that we have and provide in our parishes – rather more, I believe, than we would imagine. Let us give thanks for all that is done in the name of the Gospel and for the generosity of so many people who offer their skills and gifts and time. But let us not be afraid to ask what more we might be doing to improve the world in which we live.


All five stages of “Hope in the Future” will be carefully introduced and resourced. Every parish is asked to form a small team which will ensure that any additional planning does not fall to the parish clergy as I am concerned that we must lighten their load and allow them to be all that God requires them to be in their priestly ministry.


I am hoping that every parish will be represented at the launch on Wednesday, by both priests and parishioners. Its success will depend, in no small manner, on the prayers and the good will of all the people in the Diocese and I ask for your active participation in both prayer and action. If we were all to undertake just one task in our parishes we would transform the witness we give and make a difference to the lives of so many people.


I want to thank you for the ready acceptance of change that is occurring in many parts of the Diocese. Following the completion of the Consultation, work has begun on the amalgamation of parishes and the re-appointing of clergy. I can well understand feelings of disappointment and loss but there seems to be a clear understanding of both need and opportunity. There will be further changes but I am very grateful for the generosity shown by so many as we pray and think and plan together for the Diocese and prepare our Church for future generations.


Our changes cannot simply be limited to a reconfiguring of parishes and decisions about church buildings. Our way of thinking and working must also change. Pope Francis has reminded us that the Second Vatican Council’s teaching about the role of the lay faithful has not, in many respects, been implemented and we have to recognise God’s gifts in each one of us and harness those gifts for the building of the Church in its mission. While fewer in number, we have sufficient priests if we are careful to ensure that they are left free for priestly ministry. There are so many aspects of ministry and administration in parish life that can be established, developed and enriched by the contribution of members of the community. Your commitment to the mission of the Church today is one of the greatest blessings in our Diocese. Thank you.


We are most certainly in challenging times. But the challenges will not overwhelm us. Do we really trust in the words of Jesus that “I am with you always, until the end of time”? Do we believe in the presence of the Holy Spirit who Jesus said would “remind you of everything that I said to you and will lead you in all truth?” If we can believe in these things then we can certainly step out with “Hope in the Future”


May our daily prayer always include that invitation to Jesus Himself; “Stay with us, Lord, on our journey”

Yours devotedly,


Bishop of Salford



Fair Trade

There will be Fair trade stalls during the month of October.



The last call -If you would like to join us on the trip to the musical please add your names to the list at the back of church thank you.


Parish meetings

Finance committee, the social committee and the Parish centre committee will meet again during November. Please see the newsletter for details.






Parish Envelopes

Those who already use parish envelopes at St. Dunstan’s would you please collect an important letter from the back of the church and return the requested information as soon as possible. This includes Gift Aid and non gift aid parishioners using envelopes. Thank you for your continuing generous support.

Coffee Morning

On Thursday mornings after 10.00 a.m. Mass. Why not join us for morning coffee in the Sacristy. Tea or coffee and a chat and some gossip, what else could you wish for.

Jiri Ulman

The disabled gentleman Jiri Ulman aged 52 who usually sat with two crutches outside St. Dunstan’s church and the One Stop Shop, was according to reports, cruelly beaten to death. May he rest in peace. Please remember him in your prayers.

The Loop System

The loop system for the hard of hearing has been upgraded at St. Dunstan’s. We hope it makes the celebration of Mass more accessible and enjoyable despite the disadvantage of being able to hear the homilies more clearly.


Our Catholic Schools.

It is always the duty of parents to choose the best school possible for their child’s education. To do otherwise would be to fail your children.   Our two associated primary schools have recently been praised by OFSTED and received excellent Section 48 reports. information freely available to read on the internet.

Calling all Catholic Singles

Catholic Singles is an organisation which helps single adult Catholics of all ages to meet, either one to one or through social events. Please tel. 0161 941 3498, visit the website or speak to my good friend Daniel, an expert in these matters who is always very available for advice and information.   Any weddings arranged through Daniel will get a 50% discount. or email


Eucharistic Ministers

It is our shared priority to make sure that those who are sick and housebound are still valued and not forgotten. The Eucharistic ministers do a wonderful job in keeping the sick and housebound enrolled as valued members of the community.

Praying in Church

St. Dunstan’s Church is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. until 1.30 p.m. So please pop in to say a prayer and spend some time with the Lord. Please make use of the facility. Very few churches are open in this day and age.


Wedding Bells

A reminder that at least six months notice is required and residence in the local parishes.

Welcomers Club

The Welcomers meet on Tuesdays in St. Dunstan’s Parish Hall, Kenyon Lane, at 12.30-3.00 p.m. All reasonably normal people are welcome !

Parking at St. John Vianney’s

Please do not block the access road at the side of St. John Vianney’s car park or the access to the houses with your vehicle. St. Matthews’ car park can be used as an overflow. In fact please park at all three churches with care and respect for the neighbours.

Parish Laity Group

At the meetings parishioners  are working well together. A  summary of the parish accounts was also given. The group will meet again in the autumn.

Instruction Classes

Several people have asked about becoming Catholics and attend Mass on a regular basis. Now is the time to come along and discuss the matter in the months ahead.

The School Class Masses

Please check the bulletins for variations

St Dunstan’s in church Wednesdays 9.30am

St. Margaret Mary’s in the convent Wednesdays 11.15am


Baptism arrangements

Initial forms are now available to request a baptism for your child. You need to live in one of the three parishes and be prepared to help your child to grow in the practice of the faith. All baptisms and marriages  are by appointment only.

Parish Centre Committee.

The team oversees the use of the parish centre. Phil Nicholls chairs the meetings. It is important for all of us that the hall is looked after and used in a responsible way for the benefit of everyone in the parish and community. The team appreciate the cooperation and active support given by all the new team members. Let’s look forward rather than backwards. The disabled toilet has been opened and we are now enjoying the new lighting systems. The fire door has now been upgraded.



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