St Dunstan and John Vianney Moston.


August 2021

Saturdays (First Mass of Sunday)

St. Dunstan’s 12 noon

Please pray for Pope Francis our spiritual leader inspired by the Holy Spirit, as he faithfully leads the church. He invites us all in this difficult time to “welcome the gift of hope  that comes from Christ”. Pray for him as he prays for us.

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UPDATE – Funerals of parishioners.

A funeral mass will take place at St John Vianney Church on Wednesday 11th August at 11am for the late Esther Kenny RIP. Parishioners are invited to attend to support the family. Esther was 100 years old. May she rest in peace.

A funeral mass will take place at St John Vianney Church on Monday 23rd August at 11.30am for the late Patricia Dodgson RIP. Parishioners are invited to attend to support the family. May she rest in peace.

Both our churches are open for mass. We will continue with our present arrangements despite changes in regulations. Its important that we are not only safe in church but feel safe as well.

There will be no relaxation of our measures at this present time.

Because of the infection rate Please be extra careful. Thank you.

please keep an eye on this page and on our facebook page for updates.

Saturdays (First Mass of Sunday) St. Dunstan’s 12 noon

Sundays 10am St. Dunstan’s 11.30am St John Vianney’s

Mondays 10am St. Dunstan’s 11.30am St John Vianney’s

Friday 10am St. Dunstan’s 11.30am St John Vianney’s

There is no obligation to attend a Sunday Mass.

Masses are subject to regulations and also to having enough volunteers to help at each Mass.

Please do your best to attend a weekday Mass instead of Sunday.

Please wear a mask unless exempt.

Only sit during mass. Do not kneel or stand.

And please follow any instructions given.

If you are receiving Holy Communion, receive on the outstretched hand and please leave the church immediately after receiving and do not congregate outside.

Please adhere to these instructions, thank you.

On Thursday 5th August at 11am there will be a special parish Mass for all who have died so far during the pandemic, to remember them and pray for them. Remembering especially all the parishioners we have lost. It will take place at St. Dunstan’s following our normal covid safety rules and will be for no more than 30 minutes.

A grateful thanks to the volunteers who welcome people into church for Mass and who sanitise after the Mass. No one expected this need to last more than a few weeks when in fact its lasted over 16 months

Volunteers are still needed to give others a rest.

Eucharistic ministers and readers please volunteer once again to help when you feel comfortable doing so. If you take communion to a sick or housebound person only do so if you feel safe and they feel safe, thank you.

A Local Saint?
We may soon have a local Saint. Her cause for sainthood has been sent to the Vatican. ELIZABETH PROUT worked with the poor and starving in the north Manchester slums, setting up schools, feeding families, educating their children and looking after the refugees of the Irish potato famine. Much of the work of Elizabeth and her followers took place in the Angel Meadows area, in St Chad’s and St Patrick’s parishes. Elizabeth and her followers in the Cross and passion order ministered tirelessly to the poor of Manchester.
Pray to her and pray for her canonization.

All safety arrangements have been put into place you will be perfectly safe but please wear a mask. We really are looking forward to seeing at these parish groups.

The Scout and other youth groups have restarted so contact their respective leaders for information about these parish groups.

The Tuesday afternoon group welcomes visitors. Feel free to join us.

The AODS have started back on Monday evenings with a burst of energy and song.
The Friendship Group welcome you all, old and new on Tuesdays from 12.30pm to 2.30pm. Come along and give it a try.

First communion

Any families who took part in the sacramental programme last year and whose children made their first confession before the lockdown should make contact after any Mass to make arrangements for the Communion celebration.


Those families who have registered for their children to receive the sacrament of Confirmation should make contact ASAP to make arrangements for the Confirmation celebration later in August.

Both churches

Two or three volunteers are still needed at each Mass to welcome parishioners as stewards and others to quickly sanitise for ten minutes after Mass. Can you spare time to help?

Donations to St Dunstan and John Vianney Parish

Thank you to everyone especially for your donations and cheques for the past year.

making a bank payment

If you would like to donate through your bank or by phone app, occasionally or on a regular basis. we have a Salford diocese business account please ask for details.

Several people already use this quick and efficient method to support our parish.

Envelopes If you use envelopes pick up a box as you come to church.

 The original 1980’s St Matthew’s School staff at their 40th reunion


St John Vianney’s

Parish Priest Martin Saunders.